Our Mission

At Lighthouse Learning Community Incorporated, we are committed to the hope and inspiration possible through education.

As an educational entity our core mission is to support learning of all educators and organizations.

We commit to authorizing the voice of students, seeking their ideas, thoughts, and reflections as direction in transformation efforts.

Our Beliefs

We believe that learning, teaching, facilitating, listening, questioning, presenting, discussing, and pushing are all foundational actions that support student learning and the adults and institutions responsible for promoting, guiding, fostering, and achieving.

  • We believe that all educators have tremendous expertise and talent and that when tapped will promote student learning and confidence.

  • We believe that all students have tremendous potential and the capacity to learn.
  • We believe that strong relationships promote learning both for students and educators.
  • We believe that education opens doors and provides access to success both for individuals and the community.

We also know that playing these beliefs out in practice is complex, contextual, messy and possible.

Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.
— attributed to William Yeats